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Need to Know...

I specialize in Lettering/Black and grey tattoos. 
If you are interested on getting lettering done, please go over to my Instagram page and find
a lettering style you like. I would rather like to give you something custom than copying a font on the internet. Please make sure to fill out the form, and once you have submit it please allow 4 days for a reply back.

{If you haven't heard back from me. Feel free to re-forward the email and also call the shop and ask for me.} 


For Black and grey/Lettering pricing...

Half days (3 to 4hrs) is $700
Full days (5 to 8hrs) is $1000-$1600


Hourly rate is $200

Booking for...

April/May 2024


  • $150 is the base price for deposits. I may require larger deposits for bigger projects.

  • Once you have paid the deposit it is not refundable , but can be transferable to an appointment for one free reschedule.

  • Be courteous, please give a 72hour notice if rescheduled is necessary. (Not doing so will forfeit your deposit.)

  • After more than one reschedule the fee is an additional $50. Failure to make the 2nd appointment will result in cancellation and (you will lose your deposit.)

  • No Call\No Shows forfeit deposit

  •  Deposit are accepted via Zelle, Square, Cash App.

Work Days
Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Friday's and Saturday's 
From 1:30 to 9:00pm

.Fill out Form.

Days That You're Available
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Thank you for filling out form! We'll get back to you soon.

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